It is important to encourage students to strive to do their best at all times and in every aspect of life. Students who excel are presented awards for their diligence and success. The list below is not all encompassing but gives an overview of awards presented to the students of K.C.S.

Monthly, the Lion’s Pride is awarded to the teacher’s choice of a student in each class who has exhibited outstanding academic achievement, consistent cooperation, and/or noteworthy improvement.

The King’s Kid Award, voted on by the children, is presented in each class to that student who best exemplifies a consistent Christ-like spirit.

End of the year awards include:

President’s Academic Fitness
President’s Physical Fitness
Principal’s List
Safety Patrol
School Spirit
Scripture Memorization
Spelling Bee
Sports Teams
Subject Proficiency
Superlatives (Middle School)
Sword Drills (Bible)
The Crown (Middle School)

A Honor Roll
B Honor Roll
Creative Writing
Good Citizenship
Homecoming Court (Middle School)
Mental Math
Merit Awards (Middle School)
Perfect Attendance

Certificates may fade away, retired between the pages of a dusty scrapbook. Trophies and plaques may be relegated to a closet or a trunk, never to be seen again. There are, however, eternal awards, crowns given by God Himself, to those who are faithful with the sharing of the gospel. Among the recipients will surely be loving, dedicated individuals who count it all joy to serve Him. And, finally, a coveted award will be bestowed upon the servants of the Lord when He declares, “Well done, you good and faithful servant.”



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